Problems When You Log Out of An Account In cPanel

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When logging out of an account in cPanel, there shouldn’t typically be any significant problems. However, there are a few potential issues that users may encounter.

Here are some common problems that can occur when logging out of a cPanel account:

Incomplete logout: Sometimes, due to network issues or browser glitches, the logout process may not complete successfully. This can result in the user still appearing as logged in when they access cPanel again. To mitigate this problem, try clearing your browser cache and cookies before attempting to log out again.

Session Expiration: cPanel sessions have a predefined timeout period for security reasons. If you have been inactive for a certain period of time, the session may expire automatically. When you try to perform an action after session expiration, you may be redirected to the login page instead of being logged out. To log out successfully, simply log in again and then log out properly.

Multiple cPanel accounts: If you have multiple cPanel accounts open in different browser tabs or windows, logging out of one account may not log you out of all accounts simultaneously. Ensure you log out of each account individually to avoid any confusion.

Browser issues: Certain browser extensions or settings can interfere with the logout process in cPanel. If you’re experiencing the logging-out problem, try accessing cPanel from a different browser or try disabling any extensions that might be causing conflicts.

Cache and cookies: Cached data or stored cookies can sometimes cause issues with logging out of cPanel. Clearing your browser cache and cookies regularly can help to resolve such problems. If you continue to experience difficulties logging out of a cPanel account, contacting the best web hosting provider in USA support team would be advisable. They can assist you in troubleshooting the issue and provide specific guidance based on your hosting environment.


We will see the solutions for the problem of logging out of an Account In cPanel.


If you’re facing an issue in switching the cPanel accounts or when you log into and out of your webmail account, your server may use HTTP basic authentication. If the server is using HTTP basic authentication then the majority of browsers will continue working until the user closes the browser themselves or click log out of the session. This can be tough to switch between webmail and cPanel accounts.

Note: This is a fundamental HTTP basic authentication issue. It doesn’t require a unique cPanel.

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Steps to enable HTTP basic authentication

Warning: cPanel strongly recommends not to enable the setting.

HTTP basic authentication is set to Off by default. Further, you cannot enable HTTP basic authentication through the WHM interface.

To change your server’s HTTP basic authentication setting manually in the cpanel.config file, check the following steps:

  1. With your preferred text editor, open the /var/cpanel/cpanel.configfile via an SSH session as the root user.
  2. Change the skiphttpauth=1 setting to skiphttpauth=0
  3. Save the file and restart cPanel.

If you have a website on a cPanel server and are not able to access WHM, submit a request to your web hosting provider to seek the proper solution.

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