Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Reseller Hosting Business

Every business has do’s and don’ts, but sometimes you need to 1st understand the business and then look further for dos and don’ts of business. Here with Reseller hosting it’s very important to understand that this is an online business which do not have any physical boundaries for in-coming customers. Hence you should have a global view but while keeping this open view you cannot neglect the local customers as these local customers will help you to understand the customers’ needs and will help you to get experience in the hosting industry. It’s been said that the consumer is a great teacher and this is very true in this business.


Most of the business needs solid funds to start and staff, which needs to be optimized as per the need. As this is a technical side business you must be aware of some technical terms so that you can take your customer in confidence and you do not need to rush to technical support each time your end customer raises any query.

  • Not studying your market segment and no appropriate design of hosting packages

To start with let’s understand how reseller hosting is different than the normal hosting packages, here in reseller hosting you will be getting the bulk amount of space and resources like RAM (Memory), number of processes, CPU, and so on. You will be getting the total freedom to create your packages as per your needs and demands from customers.

But it’s recommended to create the standard packages instead of just randomly assigning the resources to each customer. as this will help you to finalize the pricing module for your end customer and it will also help you to understand the profit-sharing ratio.

Most of the time customers look for stable and performance hosting and this starts from a good package build-up strategy. Each package should have suitable resources under which the website or application is going to run. If you are not sure how to set the packages you can also look for the available knowledge base under cPanel doc, you will find step-by-step documentation on how to create or modify packages or you may also look for our detailed article on the same at https://bit.ly/3RTJcMt .

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  • Missing Public appearance in Online media or inappropriate marketing strategies:

Missing public appearances for any online business is the main reason for the failure of business. Reseller hosting owner should identify their target audience and their preferred online media where they spend the majority of their time or look for similar services online. Frequent updates on hosting mediums should be done to catch the attention of possible customers. On the occasion of any festival, it’s a good idea to run campaigns to promote the business.

The one who can Develop a targeted email marketing campaign to reach potential customers should do it regularly. The use of newsletters and promotional emails to inform your target community about your hosting plan features, offers, promotions, and industry updates is recommended too.

  • Missing *That* excellent support service:

When you are attentive to customer queries that makes a lot of sense, in terms of customer service though you may not be technical enough to solve technical issues promptly. You should be prompt to do follow-up and keep updated with the end customer on what’s going on with the issue he reported.  You should provide personalized support by addressing customers by name and tailoring solutions to their needs. Personalization can enhance the customer experience.

In addition to keeping track of ongoing issues and multiple queries from the customers it might be possible that you may miss some queries to avoid this you can implement a ticket system which will help to efficiently manage and track customer inquiries.

To add more add-ons to your service you can implement and gradually build up the knowledgebase or FAQ which you can provide as a comprehensive knowledge base and documentation library that covers common issues. This can help end customers find answers to their queries on their own and reduce the time spent on communication with support or the number of support requests.

  • Not seeking feedback or not working on Customer suggestions:

It would help if you were always on front to listen to feedback or suggestions from customers and this will bring a valuable addition to your business strategies and future growth. You should provide a proper channel for your customer to reach out for feedback, like you can prompt for feedback at different touchpoints, such as after a support interaction, following a service upgrade, or periodically through customer surveys.

You can also keep watch on the online reviews on platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Trustpilot, or industry-specific review sites. If you receive any bad flag from the customer then make sure you address them as addressing such negative reviews shows that you do care for the customer and put your efforts into resolving possible issues.

You should be committed to continuous improvement based on the suggestions from the customer, neglecting any suggestion or feedback may lead to bad marketing or a bad impact on the reader which might be your proposed customer.

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  • Regular feature updates of hosting tools:

Change is the key to growth and updating hosting tools such as SEO, Security tools, Spam controllers or Anti-viruses are some basic addons that will help your business to keep itself competitive and performing.  This not only enhances the user experience for your customers but also allows you to offer the latest technologies and security measures. You may always look for additional services that you can join with your hosting product and this can be done by requesting your reseller hosting provider or you can do it your own by clubbing external services with packages like business email.

By consistently updating hosting tools and features, you not only meet your customer expectations but also position your reseller hosting business as a reliable and forward-thinking service provider.

Regularly review and redefine your strategies by keeping customer focus we can achieve customer trust and maintain the reflection of industry changes with our reseller packages to ensure ongoing success in the dynamic hosting landscape.

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